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Add and Maintain Trips


In T&E Wizard, a “Trip” contains the expenses in one expense report. A Trip could be a business trip, expenses related to a particular project, or expenses for a particular time period, such as “Expense for August”.

TripListUse the Trips tab to add new Trip or manage existing Trips:

View or Edit details for an existing Trip:
 Select a Trip to see details.  Tap Edit on the details page to make changes.

Delete an existing Activity: Tap Edit at the top right of the Trip List, then tap the delete button DeleteIcon next to the Trip to delete.

Reorder the Trip List: Tap Edit at the top of the Activity List, then use the reorder icons to the right of the Activity List to reorder.


 * Add a new Trip: Tap the + New Trip button at the bottom of the Trip List. To set up a new Trip, you’ll need the following information:

TripDetailName. This is what you will see in all menus and reports.

Description.  Any additional information you’ll need, such as the business purpose of the rip, destination, etc.

Start Date / End Date (optional).

Currency. You can set the default value for currency in Settings. For more information on how to use multiple currencies, see Tracking Expenses.

Photo.  Add a photo from your device’s photo library, or use the camera to take a photo to attach to the Trip.

* Premium upgrade required to add more than 2 trips

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