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View Trip Details and Record Reimbursements


Use the Summary tab to see interactive details for an Trip, and to record reimbursements received fora trip.


Totals: The current total expenses, reimbursable expenses, reimbursements, and balance (reimbursable expenses – reimbursements) are displayed.  Select Total Expenses or Reimbursements to see an itemized list.

Expenses By Category: The current total spent for each category, converted to the default currency for the Trip. Select any category to see a list of all expenses for that category.

Add/View/Edit Reimbursements:   Select this row to record reimbursements received for the expenses in this trip.

ReimbursementListView an existing item: Tap the transaction to view from the Payments List.

Search for a specific item: enter a few characters of either the description or payee of the transactions you want to view. The Spending List will be filtered to show only the items that contain those characters. To restore the Reimbvursement List, click the Cancel button to the right of the search bar.

Delete an existing item: Select Edit at the top of the scrolling list, then press the delete button DeleteIcon next to the transaction to delete.

Add new Reimbursement: click the + New Reimbursement button at the bottom of the screen. When adding new reimbursements, you can provide any or all of the following:

ReimbursementFor. a description of the reimbursement.

Amount: If using multiple currencies, use the amount for the currency you used for the transaction.

Date. Date of the reimbursement.

From: Enter who made the reimbursement (optional).

Currency / Exchange Rate: If the currency for this transaction is different than the Activity’s default currency, select the correct currency here, and fill in an exchange rate, which is the rate to convert from the transaction currency to the Activity’s default currency. Touch Get Rate to get the current rate from (requires a network connection).

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