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Settings and Other Functions


Use the Settings tab to enable premium features, edit currency and category lists, and other settings.

SettingsEnable Premium:  Select to enable premium features through an in-app upgrade which will enable premium features on all your devices:

  • Add an unlimited number of trips
  • Lookup payees by location and tag transactions with location
  • Lookup online exchange rates
  • Add user-defined categories and customize existing categories
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Export to spreadhseet

A network connection and iTunes account is required to upgrade.  Select BUY and confirm your purchase — features will be enabled immediately.

Restore Purchase: If you have purchased the premium upgrade but do not have access to premium features (for example, after upgrading to a new device) choose this option to connect to the App Store and restore premium features at no cost.

General Settings: Select to edit settings

Default Currency: Choose the currency that will be used as the default for future trips.  This setting can be over-ridden when you set up a trip.

EditCurrencyCurrency List: Choose the currencies that you use — only the chosen currencies will be shown on menus.  Simply select a currency to enable or disable it.  Currencies currently in use in any trip cannot be disabled.  Tap Save to save changes, or Cancel to undo all changes,

When installed, T&E Wizard uses a default set of most-used currencies. New ones can be added using the Currency List editor.

Note; T&E Wizard currently supports about 40 currencies.  If you need a currency not currently supported please contact us and we will add it.

EditCategoryListCategory List:  This function can be used to add, delete or change categories.  Select a category to make changes.  Tap Edit to  change the list:

Tap DeleteIcon to remove the category.  Categories that are in use in any trip cannot be removed.

Tap AddIcon to add a new category.

Drag the reorder icon to move the position of a category in the list.

EditCategoryWhen adding or editing a category, enter a unique name and choose an icon from the icon library.

If you don’t see an icon that meets your needs – contact us and we’ll consider it for the next update.

Send Feedback: Select to send us an email.  If you see any problems or have a feature you’d like to see in a future release, let us know!

Rate This App: If you like T&E Wizard, please give it a rating – it is the best way to make sure others will have the chance to use it!



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