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Record and Edit Expenses For A Trip


Use the Expenses tab to record expenses that will be included in your expense report.

TxnListView an existing item: Select a transaction to view from the list.  If this expense has an attached receipt or notes you can tap it to see more detail.  If this item has a location, tap on the payee/address field to see it on a map along with other location-tagged items.

When viewing transaction details, swipe left or right to move to the previous or next transaction.

Search for a specific item: enter a few characters of either the description or TxnDetailpayee of the transactions you want to view. The Expenses List will be filtered to show only the items that contain those characters. To restore the Spending List, click the Cancel button to the right of the search bar.

Delete an existing item: Select Edit at the top of the scrolling list, then press the delete button DeleteIcon next to the transaction to delete.


Add a new Expense: click the + New Expense button at the bottom of the screen. When adding a new expense, you can provide any or all of the following:

EditTransactionFor: a description of what the spending was for. Examples would be “Lunch at the Beach” or “Rental Car”.

Amount: If using multiple currencies, use the amount for the currency you used for the transaction.

CalculatorIcon  Tap the calculator button to enter additional amount details:

Tips: enter the amount and let T&E Wizard calculate the tip, or enter the tip amount you want to use.

Mileage: enter the mileage in miles or KM and the reimbursement rate.  To track mileage automatically, select Start Tracking and allow the mileage to be tracked while you drive.  T&E Wizard uses low-power location tracking, and will “catch up” with location updates if you need to use your device while you are tracking.

Personal: Enter the reimbursable portion of this expense, or choose a fraction and let T&E Wizard calculate it.


Date. Date and time of the transaction, defaulting to the current date and time. There is no need to enter an exact time – all reporting is done on date only.

Category. This is just a way to group transactions. Feel free to use “Other” if you don’t care about categories.  If you need a category that is not listed, use the Settings tab to define your own categories.

Currency / Exchange Rate: If the currency for this transaction is different than the Trip’s default currency, select the correct currency here, and fill in an exchange rate, which is the rate to convert from the transaction currency to the Activity’s default currency.

Touch Get Rate to get the current rate from openexchangerate.org (requires a network connection)  *

Tip: You can select the currencies to be displayed in Settings tab.

Paid To / Address: the payee name and address. As you type the field will display a matching previously-used payee. Tap Done on the keyboard to accept. When a payee is matched, the address and category are filled for you as well.

near-meIcon  Finding the payee through geolocation: Tap the geolocation button to the right of the Paid To fields. The button will highlight while any matching location information is found. The Payee name and address may change several times while the GPS in your device gains accuracy. When you are satisfied with the result, tap the button again to turn off geolocation. *

Notes.  Tap this row to any additional detail that you need to document for this expense.  This could include the business purpose, attendees, topics discussed, etc.

Receipt. Tap this row to add a receipt image from the device’s camera or photo library. Devices without a camera will offer only the photo library option. Receipts images are converted to a limited resolution and standard size, to optimize data storage. This optimization is set so that a typical full-sheet hotel bill will be readable, but small type may be fuzzy.

* Requires premium upgrade

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