T&E Wizard



T&E Wizard is a full-featured expense-tracking application for business travel. T&E Wizard makes it easy to enter expenses, generate expense reports, and record reimbursements.

Don’t miss out out on getting reimbursed for expenses. ┬áRecord expenses on your iPhone or iPad as you incur them, and attach the receipt and other information. ┬áT&E Wizard will keep track of them for you, and generate the reports or exports you need for your record keeping or to submit for reimbursement.

With T&E Wizard you can:

  • Categorize expenses, and add your own categories
  • Handle expenses that are partially reimbursed
  • Handle multiple currencies, and get exchange rates automatically
  • Built-in tip calculator
  • Built-in mileage calculator with automatic mileage tracking
  • Attach receipt images and notes to expenses
  • Record expense location, and view expenses geographically
  • See expense totals by category at any time
  • Generate PDF expense reports
  • Export to Excel, Numbers or other applications

T&E Wizard requires NO registration.

Available for iPhone and iPad.